Values, Ethos & Mission

St. Catharine’s Catholic Primary School is a family based on the love of God and each other. All children are precious and unique, and the special talents that each person brings to St Catharine’s are celebrated, in partnership with home, parish and the wider community. St Catharine’s provides a happy, secure learning environment, and a rich curriculum, through which all children are encouraged to ‘be more’ and to strive to make a difference.

St Catharine’s School Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father
Friend of all the children
Bless us all at
St Catharine’s School.
Bless the pupils, teachers
and everyone who works here
Help us all to do our best
Help us to be kind to one another
and to be cheerful
throughout the day.


Please find attached our new draft Strategic Plan (2019 – 2024, Draft C). The purpose of this 5-year strategic plan is to set out and communicate our values, and our vision of the longer term and how plan to get to that vision.

Click Here for the document.