Science Competition Victory for Y5 pupils

P1120615On 17th March 2016, five  Year 5 pupils took part in a special Science morning at Chipping Campden School alongside 7 other schools. When we got there we put on our lab coats and the Physics teacher introduced herself. (By Arron)

First we did a little experiment called the ‘Egg Challenge.’ We were provided with an egg, a piece of card, some bubble wrap, some tin foil, some string, a seat for the egg, some paper straws, a table length of sticky tape and a car for the egg to travel in. The challenge was for the egg to travel down a ramp, without breaking. (By Evie)

The Physics teacher had built a ramp with a cardboard box at the end. Inside the cardboard box there was a device that measured the force that the cart hit the box at. St James and Ebrington School won with a force of 17.7 because the aim was to hit the box with the least force possible.  (By Imo)

We found the challenge quite difficult in the 20 minute timeframe, but although we didn’t win, luckily our egg didn’t smash! (By Evie)

Then we came onto the main event. Each school had been asked to prepare a Science presentation on a particular subject to share with other schools. St Catharine’s topic area was SPACE.

Two judges came to judge the presentations and St Catharine’s experiment was about how much a can of coke would weigh under another gravitational force, on another planet. (By Jack)

Our experiment was called ‘Coke in Space’ and it was about the gravitational pull on different planets. (By Lara)

It was really interesting to see all the experiments carried out by the other schools.

Finally the judges announced who won the competition and WE WON! We were all so happy and we received a trophy to keep until next year when we can hopefully win it back. Good luck to the Year 5s for next year!

Eton Dorney!

On Friday 18th March, I travelled down to Eton Dorney Buckinghamshire, which was built to host the rowing in the Olympics 2012.

My older sister Hermione was entered in The Scullery which is a national competition (although there was also a crew from Italy) for junior rowers aged 18 or under. She was to cox a crew of girls from her year at SGGS who are all members of Stratford-upon-Avon Boat Club in a junior 14 coxed quad, WJ14x+, and there were a total of 48 crews in her division! There were approximately 500 crew at the event so as you can imagine it was jam packed.

Everyone was buzzing with nerves and excitement to get on the water because this was the Olympic course and it meant a lot to everyone there. All the competitors wanted to do well because many of their idols had raced on the same water a few years earlier.

After an inspirational pep-talk from their coach, Graham, the girls got on the water and we (all the families of the girls) took our places by the side of the river. As they approached the start the adrenaline kicked in and then they were off. When they finished the 3.6k race it was a long and anxious wait for the results. After ages and ages of waiting we found out that the girls came a brilliant 5th pleasing both the girls and their coach. I was and am incredibly proud!

By Imogen (Noel Class)

Governor News Spring 2016

Easter will soon be upon us as we come to the end of two short Spring terms.

It has been a very full term despite its short length. The full Governing Body has met twice and all committees have had at least one round of meetings. Along with Mrs Welch, governors have also been meeting with representatives of Clifton Diocese regarding working more closely with diocesan schools.

At the beginning of March, Myra Whitehouse, Vin Kelly, James Lindner and Jane Cannon were in school to undertake a follow up visit observing English being taught throughout the school.

It gave governors the opportunity to see the new initiative of Book Club, guided reading sessions with new reading materials and follow on activities supplied by PAG funding. In addition whole class lessons were seen as well as phonics and SPaG (spelling, punctuation and grammar).

Governors saw IT being widely used with laptops and classroom smart boards allowing children to work independently. Subject knowledge in SPaG at the upper end of school was impressive as well as the confidence shown by the youngest children in Greene class.

One group in Greene class were set to work without an adult and when approached by a governor who asked what they were doing the reply came, in the nicest possible way, “we’re working without and adult, you’re an adult, you’re not supposed to be here!” It was great to see such independence and confidence at such a young age.

The governors have been very pleased to welcome back Mrs Welch after her recent absence and hope that she is fully recovered.

Our Light Shines Through Pancake Catastrophe

The staff and pupils of St Catharine’s Catholic Primary School, decided to support A.C.E.S. (Aid for the Children of El Salvador) for their Lent project.

On Shrove Tuesday, a team of ACES supporters arrived armed with 130 pancakes for after school nibblers. Pancake after pancake went out to children, parents and siblings until disaster struck and the pancakes ran out with half a dozen older children and some hungry looking adults still to go. It was the organisers worst nightmare to disappoint the children. The unlucky half dozen took the news well and then without making a fuss, spontaneously, put the £1 coins they had brought for the pancakes into the collecting bowl!

The generosity, compassion and enthusiasm of the children at St Catharine’s shone through.

Thank you to St Catharine’s School and Chaplaincy Team. Every penny of the £171.60 you made will go straight to the children in El Salvador.  Mucho Gracias Amigos!

To find out more about the work of ACES please visit here

Aid for Children in El Salvador

During Lent this year we will be raising money for ACES (Aid for Children in El Salvador). The main goal of this charity is the relief of hardship and distress among children in El Salvador. On Tuesday 9th February, parents and children will enjoy Perfect Pancakes in the school hall from 3:00p.m. Each pancake is a £1 and all the money raised will go towards helping the children in El Salvador.

This event will be the start of our Lent journey. Each class will also be involved in their own fundraising activities for ACES. There will be a lot of activities to look out for in the next few weeks.

Dan the Skipping Man

On 25th January 2016 Dan the Skipping Man came in to teach us how to skip. Every class had their own session with Dan and Anna. We learnt the skills of how to do a Crossover, a Pretzel and a Double Dutch skip. I could not skip at all but then Dan shared the secrets of how to skip… for example keep your feet together and jump when you hear the rope hit the floor.

At the end of the day all the children in the school were able to showcase their new skills in a special assembly. Jack (Wilson Class) and I won solar skipping ropes for our improvement through the day. We have now a skipping craze in the playground from Reception pupils right up to Y6!

Arron (aged 9)

Crocodiles of the World

On Thursday we got ready very quickly and quietly and we were very happy. We couldn’t believe it when the man from ‘Crocodiles of the World’ got the first animal out- it was a bearded dragon and we learned about how he camouflaged himself. The next animal was a cute tortoise. Then we saw a Royal Python snake, without any ears, and finally a small alligator. We were so excited.

Amy (aged 5)

Ashbee Dentist Practice

Ashbee Class benefited from a visit from dental nurses, Amy and Dawn, from Ashbee Dentist Practice in Chipping Campden.  The nurses brought some large teeth moulds and oversized toothbrushes and showed the children how to brush their teeth properly. Some of the teeth were in various stages of decay and children were able to see a cross-section of these teeth. Shopping baskets filled with different types of food had to be sorted into piles of good and bad choices for teeth. Sugary foods were discussed and the impact on the health of our teeth was covered. The nurses were kind enough to bring the children goody bags, containing toothbrushes, balloons, stickers and pamphlets on how to care for teeth.

Dear Amy and Dawn

Thank you for a wonderful morning. The best thing I liked was brushing the teeth. Thank you so much for the goody bag.

From Seb 

P.S I like the dentist now.