Early Help

Offer of Early Help

Here at St Catharine’s Catholic Primary School, we understand just how complicated family life can be. From time to time there may be situations where you need extra help and support.

If things aren’t right at home, please come and talk to us. We have what we call an offer of early help. There are many ways in which we can help! If you would like to come and speak with our pastoral lead who can support you please contact Mrs Dee.

Early help at St Catharine’s Catholic Primary School is offered through the following areas in collaboration with other agencies:

· Attendance in school

· Emotional and behavioural needs

· Parenting skills

· Delay in development and learning

· Identification and assessment of special educational needs

· Speech and language delay;

· Domestic abuse

· Gender based violence (violence against women and girls, including FGM)

· Parental mental health;

· Healthy eating and nutrition;

· Child and adolescent mental health;

· Family support including Gloucestershire Families First Plus Team;

· Private Fostering

· Radicalisation

· Social networking

Listed below is our school offer;

Taking the time to listen to families. Sometimes, you might need to share information or have a difficult situation you need to make us aware of. We will listen. We have families too!

We follow the PINK (people in the know) PSHCE curriculum which supports children and develops key skills not only for school but for life.

We can signpost parents and carers to parenting courses. Which can support both parents and children.

We have a school nurse linked to St Catharine’s. Please Ask Mrs Dee for further details.

We work closely with county based family support workers who can offer support within the home.

There are a number of support agencies out there who we can access or signpost you to if you are experiencing difficulties at home.

The help we offer is delivered by a wide range of professionals including:

· Education Psychologists

· Early Help Officers

· Early Help Social Workers

· Family Support Workers

· Play workers

· Child mental health specialists

· Specialist behavioural support teachers and workers

· Gloucestershire Families First Plus Team

The role of families First Plus Teams include:

· Supporting the co-ordination and development of local partnerships.

· Co-ordinating all requests for additional support on behalf of the partnership

· Providing advice, guidance and support through Community Social Workers

· and Early Help Co-ordinators

· Providing targeted support – a range of family support interventions including whole family intensive work, parenting groups, specific interventions linked to an assessment of need.

Before we can start to work with a family, consent will be sought. Our service is confidential and permission will be asked for before speaking with other relevant professionals on behalf of a parent or family.