A talented young Cotswolds footballer is set to sign an under-nines Academy contract with Birmingham City. Eight-year-old Hayden was scouted by the Blues after turning six and has trained with their pre-academy ever since.


Thank you to Dance Club for performing a thought-provoking piece, appreciating the wonder of God’s oceans- the power of the waves, the wildlife beneath, the impact of plastics and an uplifting ‘Surfers against Sewage’ conclusion…


Year 5 pupils had a WONDERFUL opportunity to participate in a residential ‘SPACE CAMP’ last weekend. Children stayed overnight in the school hall, in special pop-up tents named after planets. Children experienced simulated life as an astronaut: Wearing large goggles and thick gloves, children had to communicate effectively whilst repairing sections of the (lego) International Space Centre; Children experienced sensory deprivation whilst they ate dehydrated space food; Rockets were built and launched; Constellations were spotted and identified on a beautifully clear night.

The event ended with an ‘Award Ceremony.’ The most successful pair were Elizabeth and Liam, whilst Sam was the best trainee astronaut overall. There were a range of prizes including NASA t-shirts for all. Huge thanks to Mrs Smedley for organising the event, and Mrs Bennet (Science Lead) and Mrs Robinson for joining the mission!


On Thursday 28th March, Wilson Class climbed ‘virtual mountains using local tracks to walk the steps needed to scale the famous mountains of the world’ as part of their ‘Mountains’ topic. Collectively, the class managed to scale the height of Snowdon by walking the first stretch of the Cotswold Way. Dressed as mountaineers, the children made numerous ascents and one group, consisting of Noah L, Albert, Xanthe and Hayden managed 17 ascents during the course of the morning! Perhaps the class had taken as many steps as the height of Everest by the end? A wonderful sunny time was enjoyed by all. Thank you to Mrs Hunter for organising the event and to Mrs Curry for walking too.

Year 1’s Laudato Si

Brook class have been responding to Laudato Si: the Pope’s call for us to care for our common home. We made New Year’s Resolutions that we though would help us protect God’s creation, our world. We hope you will join us in making similar promises!

Floorball Semi-final @CCS 5th March 2019

Jack, Jacob, Charlie, Seb, Ed and Max all went to Chipping Campden High School to play two games of Floorball against Temple Guiting and Blockley for the Semi-Finals. We played very well and are a strong team. Charlie and Jack were strong in defence assisting Seb to protect the goal, Jacob, Ed and Max were fast on their feet and Ed and Max each scored twice resulting in a 4-1 victory to St Catharine’s against Temple Guiting. Max’s two goals against Blockley meant the final score in that match was 2-1 unfortunately Blockley couldn’t equalise due to the tremendous team work and fast paced play by the boy’s from St Catharine’s. We waited with baited breath to see where our points left us on the scoreboard; unfortunately our 22 points put us in third place.

Jack Hemming

Overall it was a great experience and two of our best games to date. As a team we were a bit disappointed at not making the final, but have enjoyed playing these matches over the last year. As a team we have bonded well and got better and better getting at passing,  scoring  and team work.

The boys’ team won both their matches convincingly but did not win the league on point difference. The honours went to Bourton on the Water this time. All played very well. They beat Temple Guiting 4-1, then we beat Blockley 2-1. The attack was very strong, Ed as left wing, Max in mid, and Jacob as right wing. Max scored 4 out of the six goals and Ed scored the other 2. I was in defence, our defence was very strong. Seb was in goal but luckily not too busy as we kept pushing the ball up to the attack. Man of the match was Ed as he was always there in the right position for me to pass to him. We all worked well as a team.

Charlie S

I thought the defence was solid. If one went up someone else covered. It was unlucky we conceded but the goals were well placed, hard to stop. Seb did a fantastic job, under a lot of pressure from the other teams. Ed was faultless in his ability to pass the ball to me so I was confidently able to position myself to score. He had created the space by drawing the players in. Jacob was aware of where the ball was going, he read the situation well and was able to stop the ball going down the wing. I think the only reason I scored was because of space being created by others to enable me to score. I think we played well as a team, we had good communication, good tracking back and we read the ball well. I think it was a fantastic effort. We were unlucky not to go through as we had such amazing chemistry as a team.

Max B

Indoor Athletics

Indoor Athletics @ Cirencester College 10/1/2019

This was our first time getting through to the next round of the cluster group indoor athletics. Eight boys and nine girls represented the school at the second round of the indoor athletics. The meet is held indoors with a variety of activities. Four other schools were there, the top schools in Gloucestershire. Unfortunately, we missed out on the medals but we were very close. We came fourth overall.

Although it was a serious affair, there were some fun races throughout the morning. Amelie, Angela, Henry and Jacob enjoyed a mixed relay fun race. Rory, Emily, Georgia and Amelia came third in the obstacle race and tried very hard to succeed. Charlie and Jack won their relay with a fantastic race. Charlie and Jacob tied in the javelin at first place. Angela threw the longest distance in the javelin for the girls. 

Jessica scored highly in the triple jump which is always the most difficult field event. Phoebe was our star vertical jumper. Ed scored 43 in the speed bounce and came in the top three at the event. Alexander was our star performer and caught up from a long way behind in two relay races, notably the relay race with Jack, Philippe and Egan. They were amazing and put in such a race we were disappointed they didn’t get placed. An excellent performance boys and girls. 

Angela and Amelia received special certificates for respect and determination. They were chosen by the sixth form committee for these qualities. Well done girls, a fantastic achievement. 

A big thank you to Mrs. Curry and Mrs. Snape Jones for all their support and help at the event. 

Frances Heneghan